About Orchid

Bauhinia blakeana, Hong Kong’s city flower is a hybrid species of Orchid, seen everywhere from the city’s coins to its coat of arms. It embodies Orchid’s Global Markets vision of bringing together financial knowledge of the East and the West into harmony. It is a young species that blossoms in winter, representing our drive as young professionals for growing as a community regardless of the harsh climate.

Independent research in Global Markets, Investment Banking and Consulting

Orchid Global Markets was founded by Zeyan Wen and Guglielmo Santamaria in May 2020. At the center of their initiative was the desire to provide accessible financial markets research for students eager to learn and prepare themselves for a future in the sector.

Their vision for the start-up came when they noticed the lack of platforms for young aspiring professionals in finance where they can read detailed reports of the current financial situation and learn through examples, applied financial modelling and analysis.

It also represents a powerful opportunity for aspiring professionals to join as analysts to gain global markets and investment banking related experience to boost employability. In teams of 3, analysts will work on research projects weekly in areas such as fixed income, currencies, M&A etc.